Muhammad H. Kafi

Chief Operating Officer

DGePay Services Limited

Muhammad H. Kafi is an experienced Information Technology Strategist with over three decades of experience in the banking and technology sectors. With a visionary approach and a passion for innovation, Mr. Kafi has played a pivotal role in driving transformative projects and shaping the digital landscape of many banks and organizations.
Mr. Kafi’s illustrious career spans significant roles, including Project Manager at Canon UK, Head of Information Technology at Dhaka Bank and UCB, Chief Information Officer at Midland Bank overseeing IT, cards, Operations and branding, and Head of Operations at NCC Bank overseeing digital transformational projects under strategic digital focus, common services division, cards division and branding. He has led mission-critical operations, spearheaded technology transformation, and excelled in strategic partner management. With expertise in digital banking and strategic management, he has undergone extensive training in agile project management and IT risk management, holding certifications in PRINCE2 and Situational Leadership. His educational background includes Master’s degrees in Computing Science and Applied Physics & Electronics, providing a solid foundation for his career. This blend of education, training, and hands-on experience has empowered him to drive innovation and navigate challenges in technology and banking.
His strategic leadership and expertise in technology have been pivotal in establishing robust business operations and driving business growth in Dipon Group. Mr. Kafi’s contributions continue to play a crucial role in propelling Dipon Group towards greater success and innovation in the digital ecosystem.